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In addition to being an author, Rob is also an avid reader. Below is a list of some of the books he has read and recommends to others. Many of the books that Rob reads help influence his own writing style so if you like one you should like the other. Please click on the links on this page to view and purchase any of the books listed.

Unfortunately, independent, self-published authors are sometimes held in a bad light. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of books self-published every year and sadly, many of them are not held to high standards. However, there are a lot of self-published works that do go through strenuous editing and quality control checks. Because of Rob’s experience as an English Comp & Lit college instructor, whenever he reads any book, he does view it through the eye of that role. It’s just something he can’t help!

These books do contain some errors. All books do. Even the traditionally published books. A recent read of a NYT bestselling author’s book revealed several errors in the last 50 pages of the book! Enough that Rob would have given that section of the book a C! Rob has also DNF’ed (Did Not Finish) books that simply contained too many errors. The DNFs do not appear on this page. Only books that Rob determines have minimal errors and show quality work get listed here.

Rob does the same with his own books. Rob’s books go through a tedious, extensive editing process. However, errors do sometimes sneak by, just as they do for the traditionally published authors (every traditionally published author on this page have some errors in their books as well). The errors aren’t distracting to the reader though.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have.

  • This list will continue to grow as more past read books are entered and new books are read.
Independently Published Authors

Traditionally Published Authors

While I support independently published authors, I also read books by traditionally published authors. I’ve listed some of those authors for my readers to check out because their writings have influenced my own writing. I’m not saying my writing is on the same level, but I do hope to one day achieve that.


Independently published Authors

Jeff Bauer Books – Jeff is a friend of mine. We’ve known each other for years and his books inspired me to resume my writing. After releasing Beyond the Grate I’ve apparently returned the favor because he may be getting back behind the keyboard to continue work on his fifth book, the third in The Cavern Kings series. I’ve read all of Jeff’s books. Actually, I proofread them before publication. If you enjoyed Beyond the Grate, you’ll enjoy Jeff’s books.

The Cavern Kings
Wakulla Bones (The Cavern Kings Book 2)
Sadie Sapiens
The Nukes of October: Secret sorties of an Air Force Phantom Pilot

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Jeremiah Beck Books – Beck is a former DJ who took to writing and released his first book, Recollection in 2023. The book is a dark, twisted journey into the mind of a talk show DJ who suffers from addiction, depression, and guilt. Beck is able to pull readers into this world through his dark prose. This isn’t the action filled thriller I typically read, but it did keep my interest throughout.


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Elisabeth Busch Books – Lisa Busch doesn’t exactly write novels. She writes a serial space opera that she releases on her Patreon and then a year later releases the books for readers not subscribed to her. While I’m not typically a soap opera type of guy, Lisa’s stories aren’t quite that cheesy. At least, not based on the very limited exposure I’ve had to soap operas. Are they even still a thing?? I’m definitely hooked on her writings and when I have time may just subscribe so I can catch up and not stay perpetually behind on her releases. She also has a few non-space opera based books that are more akin to guides than stories. Mostly ghost stories and one baby names book.

Children of Copernicus: Part 1/Bridges, Episodes 1-13
Children of Copernicus: Part 2/Starburst, Episodes 14-31
Children of Copernicus: Part 3/Ascension
Children of Copernicus: Part 4/Inheritance

The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 1: 50 Weird and Scary Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 2: 50 Strange and Spooky Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 3: 50 Uncanny and Unusual Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 4: 50 Eerie and Incredible Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 5: 90 Tiny and Terrifying Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 6: 50 Fantastic and Frightening Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 7: 50 Chilling and Thrilling Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 8: 50 Freaky and Fascinating Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 9: 50 Awesome and Ominous Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 11: 50 Peculiar and Puzzling Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 12: 50 Bizarre and Baffling Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 13: 50 Haunting and Harrowing Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 14: 50 Mysterious and Menacing Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Volume 15: 50 Alarming and Astonishing Tales
The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights: True Tales of Anomalous Lights
Tiny but True Ghost Tales: 30 Spooky Supernatural Stories

The Real Top 1000 Baby Names: Combined spellings, real meanings, current trends & newly rising names

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Itzel Cummings Books – I wasn’t sure what to expect from Cummings. I was pleasantly surprised as my go to is thrillers. I think her books are misclassified on Amazon. They are classified as psychological fiction but should be classified as thrillers because there’s definitely suspense in them.

The Family Web

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Thomas Emry Books – Emry writes slow burn thrillers. While his book may start off a bit slow, it does pick up pace and reels the reader in with its modern day story about social media and its negative influences.

Shrapnel & Avalanches

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Steve Grobschmidt Books – Grobschmidt writes sci-fi novellas. While short, the stories are still very entertaining. His main character is a woman named Lorelei Ogden and the story takes place in space, mostly in our galaxy. I’m looking forward to the third book in the series and hopeful that Steve will change it from a trilogy to a regular series.

Gemini Girl (Gamma Trita Trilogy Book 1)
The Divided Man (Gamma Trita Trilogy Book 2)
The Gorgon Void (Gamma Trita Trilogy Book 3)

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Anthony Harrington Books – Harrington writes horror comedies. He might not be for everyone as the humor can sometimes be dark and crude. I did enjoy both of his books, though. That may say more about me…
Harrington published his first book – Lamb of God – about 10 years ago and recently re-released an updated version of it. His newest book – Leap of Faith – is now also available.

Lamb of God
Leap of Faith

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J.L. Henry Books – Henry writes humorous fiction with a touch of suspense. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this is not the typical genre I read. I was pleasantly surprised. His book was easy to read and filled with little quips and satirical comments that had me chuckling throughout. It’s a cute story that takes place in a town full of pirates. That alone should tell you something.

Don’t Kill the Drunken Sailor (Law and Plunder Book 1)

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Gary Kruse Books – Kruse were the first indie books I read (besides those of my friend). I ‘bumped’ into him on social media and jumped into his books. He’s an up and coming independent author just starting out. I have read both of his published works and am waiting for his third book, which he is currently working on.

Bleak Waters
(S)Kin – coming soon!
Trinity – coming soon!

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Haley Anna Marie – I typically read thrillers and the classics. Haley Anna Marie was my first venture into the grimdark/fantasy genre. And she did not dissapoint. The Elementas series is well written and captivating. Definitely worth checking out!

Elementas: Yamay
Elementas: War of the Gods

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Darin Miller Books – Miller published his first book – Reunion – the first in the series of Dwayne Morrow mysteries, a few years back and has since published four more in the series. The first three can be read as stand alone novels, although Miller insists they should be read in order. For the fourth Miller gave up on the stand alone concept and included several things that pretty much make it necessary to have read the first three books. Being that I like to read books from authors in the order of publication, I’m with him on this.


Broken Bits and Bobs (not part of the Dwayne Morrow series)

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Lizzie Qnert Books – Qnert’s first book delves into a serious and dark topic. The characters are well developed and story flows smoothly, keeping readers on edge and wanting more. May not be a book for all, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Power Surge
Green Peeler

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M.C. Stokes Books – Stokes writes in a variety of genres. She currently has two books out. One is a romance and the other delves into the topic of suicide. I don’t typically read romance novels but The End of Forever is a worthwhile read even if that’s not your genre. It’s not your Harlequin type of romance but rather a love story. It encompasses romance with immortality and magic.

The End of Forever

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Traditionally published authors

John Grisham Books – I have read all the John Grisham books because Grisham has had the biggest influence on getting my writing started. This link brings you to most of Grisham’s books. I include a link to Grisham’s first book, A Time to Kill, because it was the book that inspired me to begin writing novels.

A Time to Kill – this book was the one that influenced my beginnings in writing (see more in the About section)

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Tom Clancy Books – I am a big fan of the Jack Ryan Sr and Jr series originally started by Tom Clancy with Hunt for Red October and continued after his death by writers such as Don Bentley and Marc Cameron. This list will continue to grow.

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Harlan Coben Books – After first hearing about Harlan Coben through the many Netflix series that have been produced the past few years, I began reading his books. This list will grow as I find the time to read more of his collection.

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Nelson DeMille Books – I came across Nelson DeMille on social media. Even though he’s been published for more than 40 years he still actively promotes his works on Instagram. I like military thrillers so I picked up his first book that was published in 1979. I was hooked. I’m slowly making my way through his works. Some day I’ll make it to his most recent book!

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Stieg Larrson Books – Larrson wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo along with two other books before he died. The series has continued beyond his death. Definitely a good series to read.

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Ernie Lindsey Books – I just stumbled upon Ernie’s books a while back and read all three in the Sara series. Well worth picking up.

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John Marrs Books – I’ve only read one of his books so far and immediately became a fan. Marrs writes thrillers and has been gaining popularity over recent years. I’m looking forward to reading more of his books.

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Brad Meltzer Books – A political thriller author and author of the Culper Ring series. I don’t recall how I came about Meltzer’s books but I enjoyed them so I’m listing them here.

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Chris Pavone Books – I’ve only read a couple books by Pavone, and of course, being that I come from Portuguese descendants, Two Nights in Lisbon was the first one. It also didn’t hurt that it included a high recommendation by John Grisham on the cover!

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The links on this page bring you to Amazon listings and we get a portion of proceeds for all purchases made that originated here. These proceeds do not cost you anything and do not take away from the author of the book. Amazon is simply paying us to advertise their listings.

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